Business Content Catalog

Video Content Represents 30% of Overall Assets

New York, NY (USA), November 2017 - BlueBottleBiz, the first collaborative learning platform for business professionals, has experienced a 50 percent increase in the number of business books and videos hosted in the platform's library so far in 2017. The library now features 50,000 assets, provided by 400 publishing partners. Content is available in six languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Portuguese.

All paying platform members receive unlimited access to the business content catalog, along with collaborative tools that offer the opportunity to network and exchange feedback with peers and experts. The library and tools are available via desktop and mobile apps for Apple and Android devices, making the ability to learn on the go a reality for busy professionals.

"With a 24/7 information cycle, it's crucial that employees have access to the resources they need at just the right time, in order to effectively perform and advance," said Marco Faccini, chief commercial officer of BlueBottleBiz. "The era of sticky notes and email searches is long gone, and relying on time-saving platforms that embed learning into everyday workflow is on deck. For my seminar at Learning Technologies Asia, I invite attendees to learn about performance support and why content is key for making a positive organizational impact."

Faccini will present "Performance Support - Learning Content at the Point of Need" at Learning Technologies Asia. 

"One of our key focuses at BlueBottleBiz is to give structure to informal learning while opening up the traditional training approach," Zamacona said. "That is why our library is so valuable. It provides learners with a credible base of information, which they can then use to develop their own ideas by exchanging feedback with colleagues, partners and prospects. I look forward to explaining this concept of collaborative learning more in-depth at Learning Technologies Asia."