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Wahoo Learning Partners With Totara

Crewkerne (UK), February 2020 - ELearning managed training service provider Wahoo Learning has announced its new partnership with Totara to provide a new take on the delivery of training to external learners. With over twenty years' experience delivering managed learning services on behalf of leading global organisations, when the company decided to revamp its learning management system (LMS), Totara was a natural choice.

Delivering a successful external training program comes with its own unique set of challenges, for which traditional internally focused LMSs are not best placed to solve.

A Wahoo spokesperson observed, "We needed a solution that offers the advanced feature set expected of a modern day LMS, but with the flexibility to build in additional features required for the demanding external training market. Totara ticked both these boxes for us."

Aiming primarily at organisations that deliver external training programs, whether in a large partner network or a franchise market - or directly to end customers - Wahoo Learning brings together a unique set of services and solutions that allow these programs to get to market fast and with minimal effort.

James Donovan, Wahoo Learning Enterprise Account Manager said, "The internal and compliance based training market is well served by many organisations offering services and solutions specific to this demand. We have found, however, that this is not the case for external training, and we believe this will be a large growth area as companies look to leverage existing customer opportunities through partner and channel programs."

Totara Learn is one of the leading LMSs available today, and its open source nature allowed Wahoo Learning to develop a unique set of features that tailor it specifically to the demands of the external training market.

The customized features include

  • a catalogue that showcases your training
  • an advanced eCommerce platform
  • customizable discount codes
  • a content management system
  • tailored organisational structures
  • advanced reporting
  • localization for system and training in over 100 languages

As part of a fully managed service solution, the relationship with customers is more like a partnership, with the combined goal of ensuring the continued success of an organisation's training program for the benefit of the organisation, its partners, and its learners.