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What Lies ahead for Digital Learning in 2018

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway GroupCirencester (UK), December 2017 - New research has been launched that aims to uncover the real picture of next generation learning technology and what’s really working for organisations in practice. The Digital Learning Realities research, led by Fosway Group, a European HR and learning analyst, in collaboration with the workplace learning event Learning Technologies is now in its third year and is extending its reach worldwide for the first time.

With over 1100 respondents in 2017, the scope of the research for 2018 includes dedicated data collection for the Asia-Pacific region, following the success of the inaugural Learning Technologies Asia. A French version of the research is also being launched to provide insight and input into the new Learning Technologies France event.

The research will reveal unique independent data on learning budgets, skills, technologies, and the market as a whole that cannot be found anywhere else. From exploring virtual reality or mastering MOOCs to increasing video and mobile content, and working with learning-management systems (LMSs), the Digital Learning Realities research addresses the breadth of solutions L&D professionals are faced with today.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, said, "There remains a lot of hype around learning technology. And whilst it's important to explore new innovations, what matters most to L&D and their wider organisations is what can have an impact now."

He continues, "The term digital learning can divide opinion, but as digital transformation continues to be a key driver for change in most organisations today, it is a business-critical area because current data shows that solutions are not living up to the hype. And we need to understand what 'good' really looks like. These research findings will be an invaluable resource for learning professionals looking to create the seemingly elusive digital solution that will help to truly transform L&D."

Learning Technologies Event Director Mark Penton commented, "The Digital Learning Realities research continues to grow in importance. It highlights the trends that every learning professional needs to know, and it's critical that L&D has access to the right data that will help us move forward as a profession. The extended global reach of the research also means we can create region-specific insights that enable our different audiences to benchmark their progress against their learning peers worldwide."

People can take part in the Digital Learning Realities research by completing the survey. The results will be unveiled at the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition in London, 31 January-01 February 2018. Detailed findings will then be shared directly with respondents. Subsequent analysis and updates will continue throughout the year.