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What's Different about Digital Learning in 2021?

Cirencester (UK), February 2021 - Following a year of disruption and unprecedented demand for digital learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Digital Learning Realities research opens to uncover what's different as we begin 2021. Run in partnership by Fosway Group, a leading European HR-industry analyst, and Learning Technologies, one of Europe's leading learning workplace events, the survey aims to uncover what is really happening in digital learning today and provide practical insights into what is helping people learn - especially as the world remains in a moment of crisis.

Some 95% of learning leaders have already told Fosway they don't think corporate learning and development will ever be the same again. However, expectations are shifting as the pandemic has continued to unfold.

The initial, inevitable move to digital learning from face-to-face training in 2020 is only the beginning of the story. There are deeper shifts happening, including the types of solutions that L&D teams are finding the most successful and the ways people are choosing to learn in remote and socially distanced working environments.

The 2021 research shines a spotlight on

  • the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on digital learning  
  • the digital learning ecosystem
  • creating effective learning experiences
  • skills gaps and skills development
  • buyers' experiences and customer satisfaction in the digital learning market

Now in its sixth year, with an annual average of over 1,000 respondents worldwide, the research will remain open until March 2021, with initial results revealed in the spring and further analysis released throughout the year.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group said, "Last year blew away all the remaining barriers to digital learning, and a lot has happened in a short space of time. For the most part, this is positive, as access to learning becomes more democratised and flexible, and L&D can be more agile in their response to business requirements. But there have been snap decisions made under pressure about which platforms and content to invest in, and early in the pandemic there was a sense that any learning was better than nothing. As the situation continues, though, people's expectations toward their digital learning experiences are rising, and patience with sub-standard technology and design is wearing thin."

He continues, "The landscape of digital learning has changed forever, and there is a huge opportunity for L&D to provide their organisations with the skills and knowledge they need at the push of a button. This year's research will uncover the what, where, why, and how of digital learning in reality - and hopefully provide the global L&D community with practical, actionable insights as we work through this crisis."

Learning Technologies Event Director, Mark Penton, commented, "There are over 12,000 L&D professionals who are members worldwide within our Learning and Skills group community, and what this joint research with Fosway continues to enable us to do is offer global insight that supports them in making informed decisions around their digital learning. These are challenging times, and the goal is for this research to help our members, wherever they are and whatever their situation during the pandemic - and beyond."