Trusted Partner

Xyleme and Bluewater Share a Common Vision

Boulder, CO (USA), April 2016 - Xyleme is pleased to announce a partnership with Bluewater, consultants for learning and talent management. Xyleme will be working closely with Bluewater on a number of projects to help organizations integrate their content strategy into their overall learning strategy.

Chris Bond, President and CEO of Bluewater commented, “As an industry, we are in the middle of a learning-content transformation, and Xyleme is at the forefront of it. Our clients are trying to add mobile and micro-learning into their repertoire but don’t have the strategy or tools in place yet to manage it effectively. Together, we can help them.”

Bluewater will become a certified partner on Xyleme’s learning-content-management system (LCMS), so it can offer managed services to shared clients. Xyleme customers are already taking advantage of services provided by Bluewater like their LMS Bootcamp.

“Bluewater has been a trusted partner to the industry for a long time, and we share a common vision,” said Mark Hellinger, CEO of Xyleme. “This partnership will allow us to expand our offerings and achieve better results for our clients.”

Xyleme just launched Xy5, making it easier for teams to build and manage learning content for mobile, web, and print.