Learners’ Perspective

CrossKnowledge Virtual Discussion Hub

London (UK), April 2021 - The CrossKnowledge Virtual Discussion Hub is a one-hour virtual session to meet, discuss, and learn about trending L&D challenges. The CrossKnowledge Hub provides you with an opportunity to ask your burning questions to experts and gain inspiration from peers.

How to increase impact with a learner centric approach

In this interactive CrossKnowledge Virtual Discussion Hub session, our experts Jan Rijken and Jane Daly will explore the results of the recent CrossKnowledge research report "Digital Learning: From the Learners’ Perspective", which offers a goldmine of data to help your organisation make your digital learning irresistible to your learners.

After that, the session will move to a discussion during which you will meet with peers from across the UK and Netherlands to share your experiences and learn from each other. Are you struggling to engage learners with your digital offering?

What are the aims of the CrossKnowledge Hub?

  • to share ideas, experiences, and challenges with a like-minded community
  • to hold evidence-informed discussion with our experts
  • to rethink L&D topics of interest
  • to provide a moment of pause for self and group reflection

Featured Experts
Jane Daly, Founder of PeopleStar & People Who Know: "Jane is Chief Insight Officer of PeopleStar, an independent evidence-informed agency specialising in culture and behavioural change. She has a proven track record in commercially adapting organisational culture, whilst accelerating growth, transformation, productivity, profitability, and wellbeing. Jane was previously Global Head of L&OD at M&S and Chief Insight Officer at Towards Maturity, and her research is regularly published and referenced."

Jan Rijken, Learning Director: "As Crossknowledge Learning Director, Jan provides strategic advice to L&D leaders and conducts research. He is a recognized L&D thought leader who regularly publishes articles and is passionate about connecting L&D professionals. In addition, Jan is a visiting professor at IE business school and a former CLO at KPMG, ABN-AMRO & Daimler."

The session is taking place on 22 April 2021, 08:30-09:30 GMT, and is free to attend.