didac China Virtual Expo & didac China Offline Expo

Shanghai (CN), June 2020 - Following the latest government guidance on reducing the spread of coronavirus, the organizer decided to transform this year’s planned in-person event for 30,000 people in Shanghai, China, to one that is 100% digital. The virtual education expo is going to be held 19-21 June.

Without the restriction of time and space, this virtual expo is expected to be a gathering of high-quality education investors, decision-makers, experts, and families.

In addition to this month’s virtual expo, didac China has been working hard to ensure that the offline expo keeps on going once it's safe to do so, to give participants something to which they can truly look forward.

Having already succeeded in securing 01-03 October 2020 for its offline expo at SWEECC, Shanghai, the only thing left for you to do is register and add the dates to your calendar!