New Model Learning

eLearning Africa Call for Papers

Berlin (GER), November 2022 - eLearning Africa 2023 takes place in Dakar, Senegal, 24-26 May, and the call for papers is open until November 30. Proposals of ideas for a topic, talk, or session are cordially invited.

A unique event, and Africa's largest conference and exhibition on digital learning, training, and skills development, eLearning Africa has created the largest network of leading experts, professionals, and investors committed to the future of education and training in Africa.

Under the overall theme "New Model Learning: Innovating to Become Sustainable, Self-Reliant, Equitable and Resilient", eLearning Africa aims to find answers to support the vision of new models of learning and discusses the future of education, training, and skills development in Africa and the boldness it requires from all stakeholders and sectors to shape its future.

The following represent some of the subthemes to be discussed at eLearning Africa 2023:

  • Rethinking the Education Strategy
  • Where Education, Technology, and Finance Converge
  • From Digital Learning to Employability
  • Workforce and Up-Skilling
  • Data and Learning Analytics for Learning and Evaluation
  • Innovative Technologies to Accelerate Learning
  • Interdisciplinary Aspects of Education
  • Promoting Equal Access to All
  • Content at the Forefront
  • Hands-on Empowerment for Teachers
  • Recognition of Learning

Attend the event, 24 - 26 May in Dakar, and make connections with the key people shaping the future of education and training on the African continent. Network with top educational decision makers and professionals, investors, experts, policy makers, and practitioners from governments and inter-governmental organisations, public and private education, and corporate learning and development.

Participants will have access to a broad variety of discussion formats. These encompass core dialogue, discovery demos, knowledge exchange sessions, knowledge factories, panel discussions, panel talks, plenary sessions, pre-conference events, and poster presentations on specific topics and informal networking opportunities. In these sessions, practitioners will share their experiences, ideas, new information, and perspectives.

The exhibition will make it possible to explore the latest output of leading learning technology providers and gain acquaintance with the disruptive business models of international edtech startups. Furthermore, ample opportunities will be offered for finding partners and solutions for a successful digital transformation.