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Elliott Masie Announces Learning Festival in NYC

New York, NY (USA), August 2023 - Imagine combining learning and Broadway! Profoundly evolving the Conference/Convention model, the Learning Festival is a unique gathering for learning and talent colleagues. The event is being hosted by Elliott Masie, Telly Leung, and the Learning Collaborative, 07-08 Nov in New York City.

Rather than traditional keynotes, trade shows, and one-way breakouts, the Learning Festival will be conversations, explorations, and discussions with 250 global learning colleagues and interactive interviews with provocative authors. Elliott Masie is bringing the magic of Broadway and storytelling, with amazing theater performers including Festival co-host Telly Leung, star of Aladdin and Allegiance.

Elliott Masie has combined thirty years of creating and producing global learning and performance events (including TechLearn, Learning Conference, eLearning Europe, and the original Computer Training and Support Conference) with his experience as a Tony-nominated Broadway producer (The Prom, Here Lies Love, Allegiance, Funny Girl, and Dan Lauria's Just Another Day) to create an engaging and dynamic two-day Learning Festival located in New York City’s Theater District.

Learning Festival hosts, faculty, and performers

  • Elliott Masie - chair of The MASIE Learning Collaborative and Masie Productions
  • Telly Leung - actor, producer, director on Broadway and television, co-host of Empathy! Concerts and leadership coach
  • Richard Culatta - learning leader, innovator, author, head of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and former learning innovation leader in the Obama administration
  • Melinda Doolittle - singer, performer, and American Idol finalist
  • Sharon Claffey Kaliouby - learning advocate and analyst, founder of Women in Learning
  • Brandon Carson - L&D Cares (Careers for Learning), Starbucks VP Learning
  • Jennifer McCollum - CEO of Linkage, Inc. (@ SHRM), author of In Her Own Voice

Also on board will be more Chief Learning Officers, Technology Innovators, and Broadway Performers, as well as the ideas, perspectives, and engagement of YOU and 250 global learning colleagues.

Every participant will receive a free copy of these books by your Learning Festival Faculty:

  • Digital for Good - Raising Kids to Thrive in an Online World by Richard Culatta
  • In Her Own Voice: A Woman's Rise to CEO by Jennifer McCollum
  • Learning in 2024? - eBook by Elliott Masie

MASIE Productions hosts Elliott Masie's projects in the learning, talent, technology, entertainment, and innovation fields. The Learning COLLABORATIVE, Empathy! Concerts, MASIE Innovations, and MASIE Events are segments of MASIE Productions’ global efforts.