Learning Changes

Elliott Masie is to host free pre-conference session

Berlin (GER), November 2018 - Elliott Masie, Editor of Learning Trends, Author and Head of the Masie Center, is to host a free-to-attend session on the pre-conference day, 5 December, at this year’s OEB Global in Berlin. In this very first open-to-all Spotlight Stage session, Learning Changes!, Elliott Masie will provide an edgy, humorous and global challenge to learning and development colleagues. Learners, content formats, learning technologies, business expectations and more are changing. From leveraging a learning blockchain to the end of memorisation - we have challenges and opportunities.

Elliott Masie is an international analyst, experimenter, author and advocate for learning around the world. He is known for his work as an author, columnist and speaker and  convener of Learning 2018. He heads The MASIE Center a think tank focused on how organizations can support learning and knowledge within the workforce and he leads the Learning CONSORTIUM, a coalition of 200 global organizations cooperating on the evolution of learning strategies.

More information about Elliott Masie’s free pre-conference session, Learning Changes!, how to sign up for it and to visit the free exhibition is available via the event website.

The 5th December at OEB Global is the ‘Pre-Conference Events’ day: a schedule of workshops and sessions for education and learning professions to develop practical skills, in-depth insights and specialised knowledge.

The full OEB conference programme and all the information delegates need to plan their time at the event is available on the OEB website.