AI for Managers

ESMT and Merantix Introduce Executive Education with AI-Focus

Berlin (GER), July 2023 - The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin is launching the executive education program "AI for Managers" in collaboration with Merantix, one of Europe's largest AI investment platforms. The three-day program explores the essentials of artificial intelligence, its practical applications, and strategies for effective implementation. It will be held 29 November-01 December in Berlin.

"AI for Managers" is designed for mid-to-senior-level leaders and functional managers who want to leverage AI strategically. It will provide insights into the challenges and ethical considerations surrounding AI, as well as networking opportunities with tech experts, business leaders, and successful founders from the AI startup scene.

"We are witnessing a revolutionary moment of technological change. AI impacts us all and we need to learn as much as possible about it in order to embrace it. With this new program, we aim to demystify AI and empower managers to leverage the new technology by recognizing good use cases and learning how to implement them," said Carolin Puppel, Program Director, Executive Programs, ESMT.

"AI will fundamentally change every industry and business. At Merantix, where we build and invest in AI startups, we see this transformative power every day. With this partnership, we are excited to further push this technology and enable the leaders of tomorrow," said Hendrik Remigereau, Founding Director, Merantix AI Campus.