Call for Participants

European Summer School on Technology-Enhanced Learning

AveiroAveiro (PT), June 2017 - Join the vibrant network of technology-enhanced-learning experts, junior researchers, and PhD students from Europe and the entire world, 09-13 October 2017, in the fantastic town of Aveiro, on Portugal’s Atlantic coast.

Since 2005, the JTEL summer school has been organised by the European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning - EATEL. The 2017 event (lectures and workshops) will be hosted by the University of Aveiro’s Department of Communication and Art.

The JTEL summer school provides a stimulating learning environment in which participants get opportunities to

  • develop research skills
  • increase their knowledge base
  • collaborate with others in their own and complementary research areas
  • engage in debate
  • have access to experts in the field
  • and discuss their own work.

The programme covers topics from a broad range of domains that contribute to advancing the field of technology-enhanced learning (TEL). TEL research projects are encouraged to provide doctoral candidates with a perspective of the state-of-the-art research under study in their working groups. The programme will also include practical and methodological workshops, as well as opportunities for PhD students to develop their personal research, discuss their doctoral work, and build bridges to future collaboration experts in the field and peers across Europe. The summer school is open for PhD students and instructors from all countries.

If you would like to offer a lecture or workshop at the summer school, we invite you to submit a proposal (about one half to a full page) describing your contribution. It should demonstrate how your presentation or activity will benefit the PhD students (mainly early to mid-stage) attending the summer school. If your proposal is selected, it will be published on the summer-school website.

Please note that speakers and workshop organizers are expected to cover the costs of their trip and accommodation. (In some cases, it is covered through the TEL projects they are working for).

PhD students applying to participate in the summer school are also invited to propose workshops. In this case, they must make TWO summer-school submissions: the PhD student proposal and the lecture and/or workshop proposal.