EDEN 2018 Annual Conference

Exploring the Micro, Meso and Macro

GenoaBudapest (UN), February 2018 - The EDEN Annual Conference will be organised conjointly with Education and Media Conference (EMEM) Italia, in Genoa, Italy 17-20 June 2018. EMEM, the national "community of communities", integrates the scholarly approach with practice and hands-on experience. This year in Genoa, opening to the international world will be in focus.

EMEM will be present at the conference with its own track of reviewed submissions, joint workshops, and many experts, academics, and professionals joining the international EDEN community.

The demand for people with new, enhanced skills is growing. Pressure is on all players of the online-education community to keep up with new learning solutions in order to be able to better supply the skills currently demanded by growing economies.

Digital credentials and open badges are the new currencies that are beginning to transform the economic models in education. Social and economic tensions continue to raise the issues of scalability, the micro-credentialing of education, training, and skill development processes.