Film School Techniques for Live-Action Video Learning

Alexandria, VA (USA), March 2019 - iSpring Solutions and Curious Lion’s Andrew Barry will co-host a webinar on how to use live-action video to tell compelling stories and educate an audience. This session will explain how to apply five fundamental dimensions of filmmaking to creating live-action video based training.

The session will be presented by Andrew Barry, the CEO of Curious Lion. He is a qualified CPA and previously worked at KPMG for twelve years. During this time, he rolled out national training for over 4,000 audit professionals a year. At Curious Lion, Andrew and his team create custom video-based learning solutions for clients across industries.

During the webinar, the presenter will speak about using light and color; using the 2-D space of a screen to focus attention; manipulating the point of view and angles to convey information about characters; controlling subjective time; and using slow vs. accelerated motion to create momentum. The speaker will also explain how sounds can convey time, mood, perspective, location, and environment, among many other pieces of information.

The event is primarily oriented at eLearning developers, designers, and managers.

The webinar will be hosted 04 April at 12 pm Eastern Time and is free to attend.