Webinar for Retailers

How to Improve Promotion Effectiveness through eLearning

Alexandria, VA (USA), October 2020 - iSpring Solutions, an international software company that provides professional eLearning authoring tools, will host a free webinar for retail businesses on 27 October 27 at 11:00 CET. In this session, they will explain how retailers can prepare sales professionals, merchandisers, and other employees for marketing promotion through eLearning.

You’ll find out how to equip your employees with all needed knowledge quickly and efficiently - even if you have hundreds of people on your staff - and ensure your promotion runs as smoothly as possible.

During the webinar, the iSpring team will

  • review the challenges retailers face when launching promo campaigns and explain how to address each of them with eLearning
  • show what a typical promo presentation looks like and how to make it more effective with quizzes and dialogue simulations
  • demonstrate how to share promo materials with employees online
  • summarize the benefits of implementing eLearning