ICDE Leadership Summit 2022 - Register for Interest

Oslo (NO), September 2021 - The ICDE Leadership Summit 2022, "Leadership for EdTech Oriented Innovation in Education", will take place 20-21 Jan 2022 in Seoul, South Korea, hosted by Korea National Open University (KNOU). The Summit will be in the format of a hybrid event, allowing for both face-to-face and virtual participation.

Delegates can anticipate a series of questions and issues related to the overarching subject indicated by the event’s title. This is broken down into themes, which will be addressed over two days in a dynamic, engaging and hybrid event format.

The themes to be addressed include

  • the role of OU to overcome global crisis - sharing experiences in responding to the pandemic hit
  • improving quality education - using EdTech (e.g. AI, Learning analytics) to develop sustainable enrolment and individualized education strategy
  • efficiency of DE - using open source S/W and open educational resources
  • issues and challenges to achieving digital transformation for equitable and quality education