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Innovative School Education for Sustainable Development

Harleen (NL), July 2019 - The international LINQ 2019 Conference invites you to the Agora school in Roermond, one of the most innovative schools in the Netherlands! The event organizers would like to discuss the future of teaching and learning with you in a truly innovative school environment on 22 November 2019.

How does school education look in 2019? One teacher is responsible for one class in an old-fashioned classroom, teaching a specific subject in lessons of 45 minutes. Does it sound familiar to when you were in school? Well, it is the same setting as 200 years ago. The world and societies are changing rapidly: How can schools today facilitate the building of children’s relevant competences and support them in the process of becoming responsible citizens?

The LINQ 2019 Conference is open for school teachers and headmasters, as well as for researchers and policy developers. The organizers strive to support the exchange between the worlds of practice and theory!

As always, LINQ 2019 will also publish calls for contributions: a Call for Papers (in English) and a Call for Posters (in Dutch and English). The selected English papers will be published in the proceedings, whereas the Dutch posters chosen will be published on the website. Papers and posters will be presented and discussed during the interactive sessions. The two Calls will open very soon.

The LINQ 2019 Conference will start in the morning with a welcome reception and plenary session (in English). After the lunch break, participants can select among parallel interactive sessions (in Dutch and in English), ending with a "borrel", the typical Dutch closing reception with drinks and snacks.

This year’s LINQ 2019 is being organized by the Open Education research group of the Welten Institute from the Open University of the Netherlands (Dr. Christian M. Stracke), in collaboration with the Agora school in Roermond.