Live Webinar

iSpring Suite Hidden Gem - Slide Properties

Alexandria, VA (USA), June 2019 - iSpring Solutions will host a live session on how to adjust course settings to present eLearning content in a consistent way on 06 June at 12 pm Eastern Time.

In the webinar, iSpring technical experts will explain how to apply advanced settings to your course to make eLearning more interactive and effective.
The topics covered include

  • Organizing content in a consistent manner using a multilevel slide structure
  • Using restricted navigation to ensure that course takers won’t skip any key slides
  • Using branching to apply an individual approach to training
  • Adding a presenter to let learners know who exactly is giving the lecture and make sure that your copyright is not violated
  • Adding background music to a course to make it more engaging for the audience

The presenters will show these advanced course options using iSpring Suite, a robust course-authoring toolkit for both beginners and seasoned eLearning developers.

The webinar is free to attend.