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LEARNING LIVE 2019 Tackles the Challenges

Learning Live KeynoteLondon (UK), May 2019 - LEARNING LIVE 2019 will bring together hundreds of Heads of Learning from global companies to share insights and discover solutions to today's most pressing challenges in workplace learning. Catering exclusively for those in strategic and leadership roles within corporate learning, over a period of two days in central London,  LEARNING LIVE 2019 - headline sponsored by Pluralsight - will tackle the most important concerns faced by learning leaders today.

Speaking about the event, Edmund Monk, CEO, Learning and Performance Institute, said, "In our work with senior decision-makers in corporate learning, we regularly hear about the obstacles they face in the workplace. How best to cultivate a learning culture? How to do more with less? How to link digital learning to business strategy? How to aggregate and curate personalised content?
Such questions are prevalent in today's fast-paced learning market, and organisations are faced with an overwhelming amount of data that makes strategic and tactical decisions difficult. LEARNING LIVE addresses this problem by identifying the most common issues faced by learning leaders and works to find actionable and relevant answers, in a highly creative and interactive setting."

Delegates who register to attend LEARNING LIVE are asked to share their key challenges with the event team - and this information is fed back to speakers, exhibitors, and other delegates to build a repository of topics that will be discussed during the event. After the event, delegates will be invited to satellite events to continue the discussion, receive research on the findings, and share stories and feedback on the approaches and solutions discussed.

"LEARNING LIVE has always responded to the needs of the learning sector, whilst pushing the boundaries of what's possible within an event setting," said Monk. "By building a bespoke and ongoing agenda catering directly to leaders in corporate learning, we are answering a genuine and serious need, whilst simultaneously re-inventing the L&D conference for the modern audience. Simply put, LEARNING LIVE has gone beyond the traditional conference and exhibition: it is an ongoing experience that is dedicated to finding practical solutions to today’s challenges."

Featuring a keynote by TEDx speaker and serial disruptor, Graham Brown-Martin, sessions from leading industry thinkers and strategists, and regular networking breaks, the event aims to provide a focused, practical, and inspiring arena in which learning leaders can forge new connections and make headway on workplace challenges.

LEARNING LIVE takes place at etc Venues, 133 Houndsditch in central London, 04-05 September 2019. The event is free to attend, but is by invitation only; limited to qualified titles (e.g. Chief Learning Officers, Heads of Learning), and is at the discretion of the organiser.

LEARNING LIVE is hosted by The Learning and Performance Institute, a global body for workplace learning professionals and organisations.