Learning, Your Brain and the Implications for Effective L&D

Dr Itiel DorLondon (UK), May 2017 - Dr Itiel Dor, cognitive neuroscientist, is to open the Learning Technologies Summer Forum in London this June, aiming to help the L&D community to create memorable learning experiences that affect long-term behaviour.

"In the learning-and-development profession, we deal with the most brilliant, complex machine on Earth - the human brain. To do our jobs well, we have to understand its intricacies and idiosyncrasies. Who better to guide us through this topic than leading cognitive scientist, Dr Itiel Dror?" explains Learning Technologies Summer Forum conference chair, Donald Taylor.

"The brain is amazingly powerful, but it is not a simple machine that records the world around it, so great L&D requires a lot more than simply presenting people with information. In this opening keynote, we welcome Dr Dror back to the conference to explore how L&D professionals can use an understanding of the mind to help people learn more effectively."

This means moving away from just building up knowledge and toward affecting behaviour long term. How can we create memorable learning experiences that do this, and what part does the brain’s architecture have in how we should work?

Itiel Dror’s opening Learning Technologies Summer Forum conference keynote covers

·        cognitive science and why we remember or don’t

·        making learning-impact behaviour long-term

·        the crucial role of the brain’s architecture

·        helping people build useful mental representations

·        what all this means for learning design

Dr. Dror's academic work relates to theoretical issues underlying human performance and cognition. His research examines the information processing involved in perception, judgment, and decision making. He has published dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles and serves as Associate Editor and on the Editorial Boards of several scientific journals. Dr. Dror's specialty is in taking the most theoretical scientific understanding of the human mind, brain, and cognition and translating it into practical and tangible ways to improve human performance in real-world domains.