Modern Research in Education, Teaching, and Learning

Dublin (IR), July 2021 - The third International Conference on Modern Research in Education, Teaching, and Learning will take place 20-22 August 2021 in Dublin, Ireland. The event will bring together academia, researchers, and scholars for three days of learning and networking.

ICMETL 2021 is one of the year’s must-attend events: The program is designed to address the latest trends and common challenges in the field. Every presentation will feature unique insights into the most pressing topics, including the role of technology in education, the cultural and geographical differences in approaches, the latest methodologies, and dozens of others.

To ensure that participants have a rounded experience at the event, the organizers will complement its learning aspects with social activities. Among these is a free guided tour of Dublin - among the world’s most beautiful cities and one that plays a prominent role in the global economy and the world’s cultural development.