Call for Proposals

OEB Global: Learning to Love Learning

Berlin (GER), February 2018 – OEB Global has announced its Call for Proposals and the overall theme for 2018: Learning to Love Learning. The event will incorporate Learning Technologies Germany - a leading European exhibition on learning technologies in the workplace - for the first time this year.  

Technology is changing society. The way we live and the jobs we do will never be the same. The development of artificial intelligence will allow machines to replace workers on an unprecedented scale. Humankind will face some fundamental, existential questions. Education will shape our response to the immense challenge of this new age. Learning will no longer be a brief phase in life; it will become a central part of our existence. In an era of constant and increasing change, we will discover a new appreciation of learning and an understanding of its place in the future. We will learn to love learning.

But how should we change education and training so that they can play the leading role the future demands of them? How should institutions, organisations, and employers adapt to the challenge? How will it help to place education at the heart of life? How will it inspire a new generation? How will we learn to love learning?

Finding answers to these questions will be the main task of this year’s OEB. In a unique mix of plenary sessions, discussions, debates, learning labs, and many other formats, as well as in the products and services on display in the parallel exhibition, you are invited to join the discussion on the shape of the future and the place of learning in it.

The deadline for proposing a topic, talk, or session is 30 April 2018.