See Cybersecurity Sorted in Action

Plymouth (UK), August 2019 - A webinar this August will go behind the scenes of Cybersecurity Sorted, a new learning game, created by award-winning learning provider Sponge. Hosted by Lucy Gibbs, Innovation Producer, and Ben Singer, Commercial Lead, at Sponge, the thirty-minute webinar will take place at 15:00 BST on 22 August.

The online session offers learning and development professionals the opportunity to see a live demo of the game and ask anything they want about the digital and mobile-friendly training solution.

Questions covered in the webinar include

  • How will the game benefit my business?
  • Why would I use a game rather than "traditional" training for cybersecurity?
  • What’s the reaction of learners to the game?
  • How can I measure employee progress in the game?

Launched in June 2019, Cybersecurity Sorted is an innovative off-the-shelf learning game that transforms cybersecurity training to make people a first line of defence for businesses.

Designed for employees in medium to large organisations across all industry sectors, Cybersecurity Sorted is a highly engaging game that instils desired behaviours in players via built-in rewards and ongoing feedback.

"With human error the root cause of close to one in five data breaches, organisations are looking for new ways to raise employee awareness and knowledge on cybersecurity," explains Lucy Gibbs, who coordinated the design and development of the new game.

"Cybersecurity Sorted makes it easy to engage people in this important topic, enabling them to learn as they play. During the webinar, we’ll be explaining how we combined learning theory and game design to create this innovative format and answering questions about how to use the game as part of an integrated cybersecurity training programme."

Following the success of Sponge’s first off-the-shelf game, GDPR Sorted, launched ahead of the May 2018 GDPR regulation deadline, Cybersecurity Sorted is the second in the "Sorted" series of compliance training solutions offered by one of Europe’s largest custom digital learning provider.

The webinar is free to attend with registration.