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Sponge Presents Webinar on Data Visualisation

Plymouth (UK), January 2021 - Learn from the Financial Times' 'Chart Doctor', Alan Smith, as he presents "5 Ways to Raise Your Game in Data Visualisation". Hosted by Sponge's sister company Skillpill, the webinar will be held 28 January 2021 at 14.00 GMT. The webinar introduces you to the world of data visualisation through exploring five distinctive topics. 

Learn the common rules and how to apply them to your charts and graphs. Understand the most effective ways to use an axis scale and the cognitive considerations that go into visualising data. 

This webinar provides a full and informative introduction to visualising data, beneficial to anyone - from individuals new to data, to veteran chart users.

Data analytics is key to any learning and development organisation. The ability to showcase the data produced by an LMS, LXP, or any learning platform is essential in allowing L&D organisations and clients to understand how their audiences engage with content.

Delivered in partnership with the Financial Times, this data visualisation webinar will enable you to communicate data with greater clarity and impact with your colleagues.

Hosted by Gerry Griffin from Skillpill and brought to you by Sponge, the webinar features Alan Smith, Head of Visual and Data Journalism at Financial Times. Alan leads the FT's newsroom team of data reporters and visual journalists.

His specialism is data visualisation, on which he writes for the semi-regular Chart Doctor series in the FT's work and career pages. Before he joined the FT, Alan was head of digital content at the Office for National Statistics, where he was awarded an OBE in 2011 for services to official statistics.

Key takeaways

  • develop an understanding of common rules for all data visualisations
  • make sense of the visual properties that go into data visualisations 
  • gasp the process of creating stories with data and how visualisation can help express these stories 
  • understand how to create clear and comprehensive data visualisations
  • develop confidence in avoiding common mistakes when visualising data

You will also learn about a series of data visualisation microlearning courses available from Skillpill that have been developed in conjunction with FT.