The 5 Moments of Need - the Essentials

Bob MosherLondon (UK), February 2021 - The 5 Moments of Need Academy and Xprtise will launch a new Essentials workshop for workflow learning in "the five moments of need", as the shift towards designing learning in the workflow gathers momentum. The workshop dates are 9-11 February 2021.

Learning in the flow of work is now amongst the top challenges for learning leaders in the LPI L&D 2021 Dashboard.
"The impact of the pandemic has compelled organisations to target delivery of learning and support in employees' workflow at their 'moment of need'", says Alfred Remmits, CEO Xprtise, "and this workshop brings learning leaders from Axalta, McKinsey & Company, and Erasmus Hospital together to share how they've moved to a workflow-based learning approach."

Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist Apply Synergies and co-facilitator of the workshop added, "The event will allow participants to practise key design aspects of The 5 Moments of NeedTM; learn how to bring about the performance mind-shift changes needed; and gain insights from learning leaders who are doing it already."

The workshop dates are 9-11 February 2021.