Reshape the Policy Battlefield

USDLA - 2020 Annual Legislative Policy Forum

Washington, DC (USA), OCTOBER 2020 - The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) will be virtually hosting the 2020 Annual Legislative Policy Forum, 09 October 2020, from 11:00 to 13:30 (ET). The event is free, but registration via is required.

Founded in 1987, the association is the first non-profit distance learning association in the United States to support distance learning research, development, and praxis across the complete arena of education, training, and communications. Distance learning and training constituencies served include pre-K-12 education; higher and continuing education; home schooling; as well as the business, corporate, military, government, and telehealth markets.

"The time is now for our industry to engage and reshape the policy battlefield based on the huge cracks that have emerged per COVID-19.  As an association, we've heard the complaints regarding broadband inequity and have also observed the ineffective use and application of distance learning pedagogy and technologies.  We will begin to set the stage for policy makers to address this and other issues going forward," said Robbie Melton, Ph.D., Chairwoman and Board Member, Public Policy, USDLA.