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Women in Learning at Learning Technologies 2020

Kate GrahamLondon (UK), January 2020 - Kate Graham and Sharon Claffey Kalliouby, co-founders of the #womeninlearning movement are hosting a conference session at Learning Technologies 2020 sharing experiences and lessons learnt from leading female L&D professionals and insights into ways women can dynamically design their learning careers.

Research shows women are twice as likely as men to have administrative support roles – and half as likely to have leadership positions – in L&D as men. We need to support women in building their careers so we can help to find a better balance across our industry. Supporting awareness of gender equality and creating environments committed to a more diverse future is something all organisations are seeking to do well. The conference will learn why #womeninlearning is now a movement and how it can benefit L&D professionals and teams regardless of gender.

With over 800 L&D professionals now part of the growing #womeninlearning movement, this session creates a unique opportunity to hear invaluable first-hand stories, experiences, and key lessons learnt from leading female L&D professionals. It is open to everyone of any gender, with conversation and networking that will provide all attendees with new connections and insights on how to get to the top in L&D.

Kate Graham and Sharon Claffey Kalliouby’s session on Women in Learning takes place on day two of the conference, Thursday 13 Feb at 12:40. 

Women in learning: Taking us "beyond the panel", covers

  • what women can do to dynamically design their learning careers
  • how women build confidence to overcome barriers, achieve goals and tackle new roles
  • what new career and executive pathways exist in L&D
  • how to build your network for the future