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JZero Solutions Announces the Latest Release of JLMS Cloud

London (UK), May 2016 - The latest version of the JLMS Cloud platform introduces social learning, gamification, and much more. The updates and improvements to the JLMS Cloud Learning Management System are now live. These updates are automatically available for all clients using the platform, so they can immediately get the benefit of the new functionality.

In this release, the JZero team have added many new features and made a lot of updates and improvements to the system, including

  • social learning and gamification: Users now have access to a dedicated social-learning page that contains an activity feed, notifications, leaderboard, and gamification. Additionally, there is now a built in Messenger module for internal communications between platform users. One of the best new features means users have the ability to upload their own user-generated content into the LMS as valid content for all other users.
  • ui and ux improvements: There have been a lot of ui and ux changes - which is just the start! Look out for many more updates on the ui and ux in the coming months, as JZero have a lot of plans in the pipeline on this.
  • course and class management: Much more functionality has been included on how courses and classes are managed, providing greater flexibility for administrators and instructors throughout the whole process flow.

Matt Eggby, Tech Ops Director at JZero Solutions, said, "We formulated a massive development roadmap last year where we took stock of what we had and did not have in terms of functionality. Now we are seeing this come to fruition, with some really cool new features being added on a regular basis. It's very exciting."

There is still a lot more to come from the JZero team. They have plans for an enhanced reporting tool, a communication-system overhaul, AI functionality, and a performance-management system, to name a few.