Video in Higher Education

Media & Learning Symposium 2017

Brussels (BE), February 2017 - The Media & Learning 2017 Video in Higher Education Symposium will take place 6-7 April in Brussels. This highly interactive symposium, running alongside the conference of the same name, is aimed at professionals involved in the use of video to support learning in higher education and will feature inspiring talks, demos, best-practice showcases, and hands-on sessions. The event is all about highlighting the latest pedagogical and technical developments in the field.

The Symposium agenda

  • showcases the use of learning analytics in video-based learning settings in talks by Marjolein Haagsman, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Carlos Turro Ribalta, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain; and Frans van der Sluis, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
  • features talks about different video-based formats in higher education by Gérard Casanova, Université de Lorraine (Aunege), France; Mariet Vriens, KU Leuven (LIMEL), Belgium; Niall Watts, UCD, Ireland; and Paskal Haazebroek, Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • offers practical master classes on Creating Effective and Engaging Instructional Videos led by Jonas Köster, Stanford University, USA; Taking Your Next Steps in Blended Learning led by Tom Visscher & Zac Woolfitt, Inholland University, The Netherlands; and Assessment of Competence Using Videos led by Janne Länsitie; Juha Pousi, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, School of Vocational Teacher Education; and Esko Kuittinen, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • highlights effective new ways of using video in higher education by Veronique De Leener, Maks, Belgium; Ger Wisselink, IRIS Connect, The Netherlands; and Torgeir Christiansen, University of Oslo, Norway
  • presents demos of new tools and services, including by Alberto Cattaneo, Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Switzerland; and MLLP's adapted ASR and MT systems by Jorge Civera Saiz, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.

The annual MEDEA Awards Ceremony will take place during Media & Learning 2017 when this year's winners will be announced. Finalists will present and describe their entries during the agenda of both the conference and the symposium.