Coursera for Business

Coursera Expands in European Enterprise-Learning Market

Paris (F), March 2017 - Coursera, a global provider of online education and learning, has announced growth of its enterprise platform Coursera for Business with a new set of customers in the European market. New customers include Air France KLM, Criteo, Gemalto,, Unicredit, and Telenor.

Coursera for Business enables companies to utilize high-quality online learning content created by 150 top universities to address their rapidly evolving workforce-development needs. The adoption of Coursera for Business across leading European industry verticals underlines the growing trend among organizations toward embracing next-generation workforce-development solutions.

"The skills gap in France and throughout Europe requires urgent attention. Millions of people lack the skills they need to succeed in current and emerging jobs, and the gap is widening," said Rick Levin, CEO of Coursera. "Companies in this region are eager to work with us and our university partners to equip their employees with high-demand skills needed to excel in today's economy."

Coursera has helped millions of learners worldwide succeed and grow in their careers. Coursera for Business builds on Coursera's unmatched technology platform and content foundation to deliver an enterprise-learning solution that helps companies meet modern business challenges, including the rapid pace of technological changes across industries, as well as the needs to cater to a distributed workforce and to align technical and business skills to long-term strategic goals.

European companies benefit from powerful features of the platform, including curated, in-depth content from top universities and institutions; reputable and stackable certifications; a robust and easy-to-use mobile platform; and centralized program management and progress-tracking tools.

Coursera is helping new European customers re-imagine their investment in learning and development in ways that future-proof their organizations, leading to higher productivity and a strategic talent-development approach.

"We are delighted to partner with Coursera in our digital-transformation efforts and provide our managers with top-quality content to prepare them for the jobs of today and tomorrow," said Anne Grejbine, VP of Training & Campus at Air France.

"Gemalto is implementing a learning strategy that can keep pace with the transformation of our business and technology imperatives," said Christie Deydier, Head of Learning at Gemalto. "We are excited to partner with Coursera to provide our employees with a diverse selection of quality business and technical content delivered through a platform that is well suited for self-directed learning."

The need for continuous workplace learning and development has never been more apparent or widespread. In today's ever-shifting technology landscape, industry-specific skills can go from relevant to obsolete in a short timespan. Companies are heavily investing in upskilling their workforces to stay competitive, and Western Europe alone now spends $8b on eLearning.