Online Learning

Thought Industries Launches "Panorama"

Boston, MA (USA), April 2017 - Thought Industries, an online learning software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, has announced the launch of "Panorama" - a comprehensive suite of new platform functionality that streamlines the creation, management, and delivery of online content to groups and businesses. Panorama’s licensing and user-group-management technology also enables businesses to create fully branded online learning experiences and provision multi-tenant license access to courseware and content to dedicated groups of learners or business constituents.

"Panorama" gives businesses the flexibility they need to support and manage a variety of online-learning use cases, such as delivering training courseware to internal departments, licensing content to external B2B clients, or utilizing learning to onboard and educate customers. The functionality is an innovative way to manage an entire learning ecosystem, but also powerful enough to handle unique administrative permissions and content customizations. This gives businesses maximum control over content and accessibility without compromising security and offers scalable way to improve bottom-line profitability across multiple lines of business.

The Panorama suite includes

  • Branded Experiences: Panorama streamlines the creation of branded online-learning experiences by allowing admins to quickly build pages, drop in logos, and customize to fit the look and feel for all companies.
  • Licensing: Panorama simplifies the seamless delivery of licensed learning and training content directly to B2B clients within dedicated and secure online learning experiences on a custom URL.
  • Provisioning: With Panorama, businesses have multiple ways to provide learners or groups of learners with access to dedicated learning experiences and content. Easily upload or invite learners via registration, bulk import, redemption codes, or through Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Multi-Level Reporting: Track engagement and performance at the learner, course, and group/client level, providing a way to optimize the learning experience at all touch points. Also, restrict access to specific data based on permissions, roles, and access.
  • Content Management: Panorama enables businesses to manage "parent" courses and select which courses - or groups of courses - clients get access to. After those selections are made, "parent" courses are linked to these "child" courses so that when any content updates are made to the "parent" course, the "child" course is updated as well.

"Panorama is redefining how companies leverage online learning and is a powerful addition to our Learning Business Platform™. The comprehensive suite of new functionality not only improves the creation and management of courses and content, but accelerates the distribution of that content to relevant audiences and clients," said Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries. "There’s a significant opportunity to improve bottom-line profitability and unlock new revenue streams with online learning, and we’re excited to deliver this innovative platform enhancement to help our clients transform their businesses."