Memorandum of Understanding

Development as per the Kingdom’s "Saudi Vision 2030"

Dr. Khalid Al-TawilRiyadh (SA), May 2017 - LEORON Institute, one of the Gulf Cooperation Council region’s leading training providers has recently signed an MoU with BAE Systems SDT, a Saudi Arabian subsidiary of Britain’s BAE Systems, one of the foremost multinational defense, security, and aerospace companies. 

The MoU, which was signed at the beginning of the CERTX International Conference and Exhibition for Professional Certification, committed to a partnership in providing globally certified programs in Management and Leadership, Project Management, Corporate Finance, and HR Development.

Arben Jusufi, general manager at LEORON, was keen on the idea that this collaboration will help the region’s professional growth. Moreover, Jusufi added, the strategy aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030’s objectives.

"By signing this MoU between BAE Systems SDT and LEORON PDI, we’re pleased to state that we’re paving the way for the forthcoming growth of professional development in the region, aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives. Our partnership will strengthen the presence of certified programs Management and Leadership, Project Management, Corporate Finance, and HR Development. Subsequently, our collaboration here at the CERTX conference should give an extra push to this effort."

Starting this October, the two institutes will be offering some of the leading programs in the aforementioned fields, such as PMI’s project-management courses and CIPD’s HR programs.

"We’re very excited to enter this agreement with BAE Systems SDT. This partnership will not only benefit our mutual interests as training providers, but also build a strong learning platform for a large number of professionals in need of high-quality international certification programs. Our joint offering will include programs by international institutes such as PMI, ILM, CIMA and IIA, as well the renowned CIPD programs in KSA. We are looking forward to a successful start," stated Dr. Khalid Al-Tawil, board member at LEORON.

An alignment with Saudi Vision 2030 seems to be a focal point for both institutes. BAE System’s CEO, Dr. Abdulatif Al Shaikh reconfirmed this.

"All of us Saudi Arabia share the same dream, which is the Kingdom’s Saudi Vision 2030. This is why we need to overcome the country’s numerous challenges. Training should not be treated as a reward, which has proven to be one of the biggest ones. Government entities had the luxury of large budgets for training, but they did not balance their equation, which is why many programs ended up having no benefit. However, with the drive and the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, we have become more able to specify the factors of the right equation, which we hope will ultimately provide the right training at the right time for the right person with the right certification. I believe that both public and private sectors are fully supporting this," said Dr. Al Shaikh.

Built upon the strong experience in the manufacturing sector that its founders acquired in Sweden during the global expansion of the 1990s, LEORON has evolved into a successful training institute that offers a comprehensive set of training and development solutions.