Project Landscape

Have You Completed the Global EdTech Census?

Sydney (AU), July 2017 - Last month the world's first Global EdTech Census was launched, an initiative to map and profile education innovation and technology ecosystems around the world. Join the census and put your startup, company, city, or accelerator on the map. The Census is ten simple questions that take no longer than two minutes to complete. You will be one of the first to receive the first annual report in September.

The Global EdTech Census is an open-data, multi-lingual initiative to comprehensively map the global education innovation and technology landscape.

Supported by Navitas Ventures and launched in May 2017 at the ASUGSV Summit, the census has an ambitious goal of identifying over 30,000 education companies from around the world. Building on Project Landscape, Version 2.0 and a 15,000+ strong pre-census dataset, the census will be used to map the emerging landscape, track the evolution and performance of the global ecosystem, and better inform founders, investors, schools, institutions, and governments on ways to more effectively foster innovation. 

A global community of like minded organisations makes the Global EdTech Census possible and supports the advancement of education innovation and technology around the world.