Seventeen Training Programs

iSQI and CGI Training and Certification Deal

Stephan GoerickePotsdam (GER), September 2017 - The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) and CGI, a globally active independent provider of IT and business processes, have announced their collaboration to improve training and certification of IT specialists in software testing, requirements engineering, agile software development, software product management, usability, and user experience and software architecture.

As a result of an ongoing digitalization process and constantly changing methods and technologies, the importance of education and further training of employees is growing. The cooperation between CGI and iSQI guarantees that each training course meets field-tested standards and is recognized internationally.

Overall, CGI offers seventeen training programs. Once their course is completed, participants take their exam conducted by the independent certification partner iSQI. They’ll have access to innovative exam types (SMEX and FLEX) with multilingual tests, individualized examination times, site-independent test assessments, and immediate results. At the same time, classical testing methods are also available.

In addition to the training for employees, CGI also offers customized training courses with iSQI certification for customers. Through the combined expertise and the international presence of both companies, employees and customers benefit from the advantages of high-quality education and training worldwide.

iSQI’s CEO Stephan Goericke explains, "Certification at the iSQI guarantees the trainers independently and internationally recognized proof of their expertise. This not only increases their success prospects on the job, but also the recognition of their personal performance. With the cooperation of CGI and iSQI, specialists receive their training and certification from a single source.  Thus, companies and their employees benefit from efficient and effective further training at the highest level."

Dr. Andreas Reuys, Account Executive, Engagement Manager Training at CGI says, "Given increasing digitalization, our employees have to be able to respond more and more flexibly to our customers’ requirements. Especially throughout the IT sector, employees not only require a basic level of professional training but also constant development in order to keep pace with the fast technological developments. The cooperation with iSQI is another proof that professional expertise and customer satisfaction are a priority at CGI."