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Microlearning Company EduMe Selected by Uber across EMEA

Uber carLondon (UK), February 2018 - By delivering significant business impact for driver-partners in the form of increased productivity and quality of service, the EduMe microlearning platform has been deployed across numerous Uber markets and has now been selected as the preferred training platform across the EMEA region, covering 42 countries.

EduMe’s easy to use microlearning platform has provided Uber with a scalable solution to support drivers using the world-famous mobility app. Bite-sized, interactive sessions show driver-partners how to use the Uber app and provide tips on delivering excellent customer service. And they can access this information at their convenience from their smartphones. 

The EduMe training platform has been proven to significantly reduce the time to start driving with Uber whilst increasing drivers’ productivity and quality of their service. 
Subsequently, the EduMe platform has been selected as the main online-training platform for Uber across the EMEA region, covering 42 countries. 

The work EduMe has done with Uber has also generated EduMe a nomination for the "Best Use of Mobile Learning" award by Learning Technologies Awards 2017. EduMe has also been nominated for "Startup Learning Provider of the Year" by the Learning Awards 2018. 

Jacob Waern, Founder and CEO of EduMe comments, "We’ve been trailblazers in the use of mobile learning, and it’s great to see how we have delivered real business impact by allowing Uber to scale faster and bring costs down while maintaining high quality. Uber is good example of the changing nature of the workforce - 50% of the global workforce will be mobile by 2020, and 50% will be made up of millennials. We use our smartphones for all our needs, and it’s time to expect the same convenience from corporate training". 

Taryn Morris, Regional Operations Lead, Uber says, "We continuously look for new ways to enhance the driving experience and help drivers make the most of their time on the road. The EduMe microlearning platform provides an exciting opportunity to support hundreds of thousands of drivers across EMEA in their daily interactions with riders and our technology."