Feeling of Mastery

Gamifying the User Experience

Saarbrücken (GER), February 2018 - Adding gamification elements to your digital training won’t just make it more enjoyable for the learner; it also contributes to the successful completion of the eLearning course. In IMC’s latest podcast, expert Sarah Hillmann discusses gamifying the user experience, focussing on what gamification elements are, mastering challenges, and how a trip to Hungary made her realise that gamification in learning has always been part of her life.

Sarah Hillmann, is an eLearning Consultant in Melbourne who has strong project management and eLearning experience, allowing her to conduct highly effective digital training sessions. Her focus on gamification and the effect it has on users makes her a valuable expert on the topic. She believes that gamification can change the context of learning and present it in a fun and playful environment that provides the learner with a feeling of mastery.