Founding Members

Provider of Training Excellence

London (UK), February 2018 - The Professional Development Consortium (PDC) has a new accreditation, "Provider of Training Excellence", and some surprising industry leaders are on board already.

This accreditation is awarded to organisations following a rigorous assessment of their learning provision, standard of service, and client experience. Since the launch of the accreditation, a number of industry leaders have successfully completed the assessment process to become our first accredited members.

These include the following, who are proudly displaying the mark of excellence:

Shirlaws Coaching
Coaching and consultancy organisation Shirlaws Group has achieved PTE status for their in-person training.

Google / Avado
Online training provider Avado have achieved the accreditation for the Google Squared Online course. This is an online digital marketing course run by Google that now carries both the CPD Standards Office accreditation and the Provider of Excellence quality badge.

Coaching Academy
Coaching provider The Coaching Academy have had their training portfolio accredited and have recently become a Provider of Training Excellence.

The accreditation is open to any employer or training organisation, and is a pan-industry, multidisciplinary award. It is designed to let the consumer know that the organisation is a trusted source of education and learning.

The assessment process takes a deep dive into four key areas of an organisation:

  • Their presence, which includes vision and values, culture and structure.
  • The training provision, including the design of the learning activities, the delivery, and the trainers.
  • The organisation's focus and how they maintain excellence, including their standards, evaluation, and how they "future proof" their courses.
  • The organisation’s impact, which focuses on the entire client experience, including the process they go through and their satisfaction with the service.

The first accredited providers directly reflect the multidisciplinary element of the accreditation. Providers from across industries and delivering through different media have put their learning portfolios through the detailed assessment to receive the gold badge of excellence.

Membership organisations Memberwise and Pitman Training, as well as language provider Rosetta Stone are also amongst the founding members. All deliver training across a range of sectors, in house and externally, both in the classroom and online.

The PDC is working closely with the trailblazing first members, who have achieved this mark of trust and excellence to maintain and improve the high standard they have set so far.