Microsoft ScaleUp Program

Speexx Selected for Innovations in AI

Munich (GER), April 2018 - Online language skills training and testing company Speexx has announced that it has been selected by Microsoft for its prestigious ScaleUp program. This program is designed to accelerate go-to market and tech development of ten top-growth-stage software companies through direct engagement with Microsoft resources and personnel. The program will combine Microsoft enterprise solutions and Speexx’s leading corporate online training, testing, and performance support service.

The Microsoft ScaleUp program is designed to foster the success of innovative, fast growing companies by providing access to potential customers, powerful business connections, and technical knowledge.

For Speexx, being included in the ScaleUp program is the latest recognition of its uniquely innovative approach in changing the way global corporations empower workforce communication across borders. For its global corporate customers, Speexx uses AI to identify and provide the right language training and continuous performance support at scale - unlike other solutions that apply traditional training methods without detailed data driven insights into user and corporate needs.

Jörg Koberling, CEO of Speexx, comments, "We are electrified to be part of this great initiative. This is a milestone for Speexx, and it is so encouraging to see our vision shared by a company and people who develop technology that has changed the world. Microsoft clearly understands the enormous benefits that our technology can bring to their customers and corporate language learners from all over the planet."