G-Cloud 10

Totara Partners in the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace

London (UK), July 2018 - The UK’s G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. The platform provides support for small to medium-sized businesses in the bidding process for these services as required by public sector and charity organisations. Any public sector organisation, including central government, local councils, NHS Trusts, and any other public sector bodies, can obtain services via G-Cloud’s procurement framework without going out to tender, helping them save both time and resources by giving them a one-stop shop for recommended vendors.

The Totara Partners whose services are available in G-Cloud 10 are

  • Accipio
  • Catalyst
  • Chambury Learning Solutions
  • Engage in Learning
  • Kineo
  • Learning Nexus
  • Learning Pool
  • MediaCorp
  • Synergy Learning
  • TDM
  • Think Learning

Buyers can use the platform to highlight a shortlist of preferred suppliers, after which the suppliers will be asked questions or to provide a demo to help the buying organisation make its final choice. G-Cloud promotes transparent pricing for easy comparison of solutions.

Since 2012, £3 billion has been spent through G-Cloud. A total of 3,505 suppliers have been awarded places on G-Cloud 10, with 90% of these being SMEs.

Sascha Benson-Cooper, Director of Accipio said, "We have been reselected to provide services on the UK Government’s procurement framework for digital products. We were one of the most successful new SME providers in 2017/18 and are looking forward to continuing our innovative work with major UK Government departments."

Chris Horseman, MD at Engage in Learning, said, "We are delighted to have been accepted onto the G-cloud portal. As a Totara Platinum partner, we can offer G-Cloud customers our engaging course content in conjunction with a world-class LMS at a fantastic price along with the highest level of service and support available within the worldwide Totara partner network."

Peter Howell, Managing Director at Learning Nexus, said, "We are extremely proud to be approved as a supplier for an initiative that makes the procurement of services easier for potential customers. The demand for cloud-based learning-management systems and eLearning is skyrocketing, and we want to make it as simple as possible for public sector organisations to learn about Totara Learn and the other services we can offer alongside it. The digital marketplace is the perfect way to do this, and we encourage organisations to spend a bit of time exploring the platform to see what it can offer them."

Jacques Labuschagne, Managing Director at Catalyst IT Europe, said, "It seems clear that SME engagement is a strong factor in the growth of digital innovation in government, and Catalyst is delighted to continue our supply of G-Cloud services on the latest iteration of this framework."

G-Cloud has been particularly successful for the SMEs selling their services through the platform, with 46.6% of money spent via the digital marketplace going to SMEs - well above the government’s target of 33%.