Towards Maturity

Groundbreaking Research to Help Learning Professionals

London (UK), February 2019 - Towards Maturity is set to release its fifteenth annual report, The Transformation Journey. The report provides powerful new evidence to help learning leaders establish strong foundations for delivering business impact.

For fifteen years, Towards Maturity has succeeded in bringing together more than 7,500 learning professionals and 50,000 learners across 55 countries to explore how learning innovation can contribute to business impact. Since 2004, the resulting insights have shown how learning innovation can directly impact four key business measures: growth, transformation, productivity, and profitability. 

"Today’s learning professionals are battling with delivering learning solutions whilst trying to also prepare for an uncertain tomorrow", says Laura, "This fresh look at the latest data has addressed their key concerns by highlighting practical new insights to support learning leaders prepare for and accelerate impact."

Towards Maturity has worked with a community of ambassadors, relevant membership bodies, industry experts, corporate organizations, and not-for-profits to shape and participate in this groundbreaking programme of industry research.

Jane Daly, Chief Insights Officer at Towards Maturity, who will be co-presenting the results comments, "It’s really interesting to see what’s holding organisations back from developing a high performing learning culture. The new report will explore the biggest barriers to learning transformation: digital disruption, cultural resistance, and L&D readiness. With 29% of learning leaders feeling overwhelmed and underskilled to address the future, this new report will equip them for the next stage of their transformation journey."