The Role of L&D in the Digital Age

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway GroupCirencester (UK), February 2019 - Joint research reveals L&D needs to upskill in order to tackle digital transformation and impact learner engagement. Fosway Group, a leading Europeean HR industry analyst, and 360Learning, a learning engagement platform where leaders and learners connect to create a continuous work and learning environment, have announced the release of their new research report, The Role of L&D in the Digital Age.

The research was conducted in partnership with learning professionals worldwide with a view toward understanding the changing nature of the industry against a backdrop of digital transformation. 

The pace of technology innovation has impacted every area of business today, but particularly learning and development (L&D). What was a profession focused on the classroom is becoming increasingly multi-faceted and complex with the continued growth of digital learning. This research explores the new skills and capabilities required by learning professionals to work effectively with the broader business and meet organisational goals. It also examines the opportunities for change and what that might mean in practical terms for L&D practitioners going forwards.

"What we have found with this research is that L&D lacks confidence in its digital capabilities", said Camille Charaudeau, VP, Strategy at 360Learning, "at the very time when learning has the opportunity to be a key differentiator to an organisation’s people and performance."

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group commented, "It’s easy to get distracted by the ins and outs of learning technology when exploring the impact that digital is having on L&D. But more fundamentally, becoming digital is a catalyst to force L&D to become more strategic in its approach and value add, as well as ensuring it is more aligned with day-to-day business realities and priorities." He continued, "It is the combination of the right systems in conjunction with this re-imagined role for L&D going forwards that make for an exciting, energising, and embedded role at the centre of any organisation in the digital age."