Global Training Platform

Avon Announces Partnership with Fuse Universal

Miguel FernandezLondon (UK), February 2019 - Avon Products, Inc., a globally recognised leader in direct selling of beauty products, has announced a partnership with Fuse Universal (Fuse), a leading provider of next generation learning technology, to create a global training platform. The relationship supports a central pillar of Avon’s transformation plan to digitise the business and accelerate the selling and earning power of Avon’s millions of representatives worldwide.

The partnership is one element of the strategy to "Open Up Avon" and unleash the potential of the brand and business model. The new training platform will revolutionise the way representatives experience training as Avon transforms into a digital first, social selling, fast beauty brand. 

The platform will deliver engaging content to fuel representatives’ earnings potential and thereby retention.  Training delivered through the platform will include a wide range of topics, from beauty tutorials and skincare science to marketing and sales skills. Avon aims to reach millions of women with a mix of blended training to help them learn new skills and build their Avon businesses.

Miguel Fernandez, President Global Sales, said, "Our Avon beauty entrepreneurs are the heart of our business, and it’s crucial that we provide them with digital and mobile-first tools to open up their potential learning and earnings power. This is a core element of Avon’s transformation plan, and as we have recently reported, we’re seeing early signs of the positive impact new digital tools and increased training can have on our representatives’ sales.

"In today’s world of ready access to technology, our new relationship with Fuse will enable us to deliver training tools to our global network of representatives in a form that enables them to learn on their own terms as they grow and thrive with Avon. We are opening up Avon to better serve our customers and support our representatives. When they succeed, we succeed."

Following an extensive procurement process, Avon selected Fuse for its ability to create a globally scalable learning platform. Fuse’s learning platform allows companies to create, curate, and share content to facilitate seamless learning, knowledge sharing, and communication. The platform is built with learners in mind and achieves employee engagement rates up to 100x higher than among legacy corporate learning providers.   

Founder and CEO at Fuse Universal, Steve Dineen, added, "I’m really excited to welcome everyone at Avon to the Fuse Family. As a business going through a huge digital transformation, I am proud that we have been entrusted to support the team in achieving their goals. Avon's business is remarkable and touches millions of customers every day, and their people need to be armed with the latest knowledge on their products and services, as well as be able to share best practice with other representatives around the world in order to stay ahead of the competition."

The platform has already successfully been piloted in South Africa and will now roll out to Avon’s key territories this year, starting with the UK, South Africa, and Avon’s largest markets in Latin America.