Career Paths and Skills

Partnership Leverages AI to Drive Employee Engagement

Philadelphia, PA (USA) / Toronto (CA), February 2020 - Phenom People, a global provider in talent experience management (TXM), and Docebo, an AI-powered learning platform, have announced they are joining forces to enhance the employee experience. By integrating products, joint customers can now better identify the skills gap using Phenom AI and automate the delivery of training content to enhance internal learning and development.

Many companies offer professional development initiatives to their internal talent. However, employees often struggle to connect the dots between their career path and the learning required to achieve their goals. While 70% of talent professionals say their company currently identifies or plans to identify employees’ skills gaps, only 37% say their organization does a good job at helping close those gaps.

The Docebo and Phenom People integration empowers employees with the training they need to develop their skills and achieve their career goals. To support this professional development, employees can identify their career path and the skills required on Phenom Internal Mobility and Phenom Career Pathing. Internal talent then receives or discovers learning content via the Docebo Learning Platform as recommendations for upskilling. Powered by AI, Docebo automatically tags content to produce deeper search results and analyzes course content to understand who will benefit from it most.

In addition to employee development, management gains visibility into employees’ coursework progression and can assess when they are ready for a promotion or new opportunity. 

"Professional development is the single important service an employer can offer its employees, and the willingness to learn is the single important trait an employee can possess," said Craig Gleason, director of partnerships at Docebo. "Our partnership with Phenom People will empower countless employees to take control of their careers, while giving organizations the power to better understand how to grow their people."

"In order to reduce experience thrash, HR teams must supply internal talent with tailored resources—like career pathing, skills gap analysis, and training—to develop their potential," said Saumil Gandhi, vice president of strategic alliances at Phenom People. "When employers invest in talent experience and learning development platforms, it’s a sign to their employees that they are highly valued."