Live Online Workshop

Immersive Interaction Design Principles

Berlin (GER), April 2020 - On 25 April, XR Bootcamp offers a full-day webinar on the topic of VR/AR. You will learn to design a fully functional responsive interface with physics-based interactions and hand tracking input.

XR Bootcamp is the first academy offering on site and online full stack VR/AR programs for designers and developers with career opportunities. 

Together with its advisory board from Accenture, Volkswagen, HTC, ExxonMobil, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, KLM, Verizon, and others, XR Bootcamp co-developed a VR/AR curriculum to focus on high in demand skills that are most needed in today’s biggest companies. 

Trainers are successful VR/AR professionals who teach the latest and most relevant skills most needed in a rapidly changing environment of tools. 

Online workshops are project focused and teach students to create their own portfolio projects, while the on-site bootcamp teaches a full stack of VR/AR development and design tools needed to grab that next great VR/AR industry job.