Virtual College

New Online Personal and Professional Development Training

Ilkley (UK), September 2020 - There is a growing demand from businesses and professionals to develop soft skills such as resilience, reflective techniques, confidence building, and a growth mindset. In response to this demand, Virtual College has created a suite of engaging personal and professional development training.

Investing in personal and professional development training is seen as a key driver to building a resilient, confident, and adaptable workforce. As an online training provider, Virtual College understands the need to enhance personal skills and pursue professional accreditations in an effective and efficient manner.

With over 25 years of experience, Virtual College can see the dynamic shift in not only organisations seeking learning solutions, but individuals themselves looking to further improve their skills. "We use feedback and surveys and analyse trends to create all our training solutions. Personal and professional development is highly requested, as more of us seek to expand our soft skills to develop our confidence and credibility within work and our personal lives", explains Sarah Baker, Chief Learning Officer at Virtual College.

Virtual College's fifteen-course Personal and Professional Development Training Package covers a range of topics, from resilience, dealing with stressful situations, and building a personal brand to emotional intelligence and many more. This suite is suitable for people looking to enhance their skills set.

The content has been created to follow modern ways of learning, with interactive and engaging bite-sized modules that include a variety of media types such as video, graphics, and downloadable resources to help learners retain the information contained within the course content. Virtual College's online learning solution enables learners to develop their soft skills in their own time and at their own pace, making it a great option for those who want to enhance their personal and professional skills effectively and efficiently.