Global Education Community

Submissions for ICDE Virtual Global Conference Week Open 15 June

Oslo (NO), June 2021 - The ICDE Virtual Global Conference will take place during the week of 25 - 29 October 2021 and encompass an academic programme adapted to various time zones that will bring together the global educational community to develop skills and knowledge in delivering quality OFDL.

The event’s principal programme themes, upskilling and upscaling for quality OFDL, are drawn from the ICDE Strategic Plan's three prioritized areas of quality, OER, and innovation in education.

The academic programme will provide insights into the latest research and best practices of delivering quality OFDL and will also be a stepping stone for further development of ICDEs global advocacy campaigns. Sub-themes of the gathering are

  • upskilling and upscaling for quality OFDL - flexibility, accessibility, scalability, and innovation in quality assurance
  • upskilling and upscaling for open education and OER - evolutions for open education and open learning ecosystems
  • upskilling and upscaling for innovation in education through new technologies and practices