UK Programme

Launch by Xprtise and The 5 Moments of Need

London (UK), August 2021 - Xprtise and The 5 Moments of Need have launched a UK Designer Programme to address a paramount concern of learning leaders: how to embed learning into the flow of work.

Xprtise and The 5 Moments of Need® have launched a UK Designer Program that will help learning professionals design and implement workflow based learning solutions, an area that L&D teams are currently struggling with. The new program is intended for all those involved in learning design and development and starts in the UK this September.  

"The burning question of how to embed learning in the flow of work is still high on the agenda in the LPI Learning Leaders Dashboard. As we come out of the pandemic, we also worry about the return to face-to-face learning events and how to build digital, hybrid learning cultures," says Paul Stevens, Director of the 5 Moments of Need Academy, UK. "The 5 MoN approach precisely targets all of those needs."

The Designer Program teaches how to reorganize learning and support content for agile learning in the workflow; how to target those formal learning interventions using the unique critical impact of failure approach; and how to focus on performance impact and bringing business value by supporting people in that crucial 2-click, 10-second, window of need.

Bob Mosher, Founder of the 5 Moments of Need approach, commented, "I am delighted that finally the 5 Moments of Need officially arrives in the UK. I'm looking forward to being part of a truly local UK program and building the community with my UK friends."

The next programme starts 15 September 2021.