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Fuse Sets the Record Straight on Skills with New Ebook

London (UK), October 2021 - A new ebook discerns the difference between reskilling for talent development, and upskilling for high performance.

Fuse, a learning and knowledge platform for enterprise that ignites people and business performance, recently published its latest thinking on skills via a new ebook entitled "3 Benefits from Supporting Skills with Knowledge on the Job".

Fuse's latest thought leadership asset provides a deep dive into the details that distinguish reskilling from upskilling and outlines how the two can work together to drive performance via access to knowledge in the flow of work.

Fuse Product Director, Rhys Giles, commented, "We know that to build competence, we must reskill and develop talent. However, to really drive performance, organisations need to complement this with an upskilling strategy that drives performance in the here and now. This requires a culture of on-the-job learning that enables people to instantly access the exact knowledge they need to solve problems in the flow of work."

Giles concluded, "Unlocking this knowledge is how we take learners from a base level of competency to high performance - and in the modern world of work, this is essential if people are to reach their full potential. Our latest ebook really explains the why and how behind that."