Group Learning

Skyrocket Employee Satisfaction with Group Language Lessons

London (UK), September 2022 - Learning a new language is extremely rewarding, especially when done in a group, in which members can help each other along the journey and share achievements together. Employee satisfaction will skyrocket in doing so, as it helps to build a positive community, upskill workers, increase opportunities, and help to support staff members.

Group language learning lessons can help participants achieve their goals in a supportive and efficient environment. This community approach helps learners whether they are advanced or have no knowledge of a specific language at all. For example, Busuu offers lessons to suit all abilities, allowing them to gain skills alongside others in the same position. Colleagues can work together towards a common goal, with programmes being tailored to each company.

Having a positive community and culture within a company is crucial in boosting employee satisfaction and company success. With group lessons, everyone in the organisation will be engaged and can work towards the same goal. Everyone will be on the same page and positioned well to communicate with a globally connected team.

Along with this, employees will be given the opportunity to build and strengthen their relationships with colleagues in their language learning lessons. When people work together to help each other learn and share tips, a bond will be created, helping them solve problems more effectively at work in the future. Employees will be more satisfied in their workplace with strong, positive relationships.

One way to boost satisfaction is by offering to help to teach employees a tangible skill that can be used in both their professional and personal lives. Many people want to learn another language; however, they are unsure where to start. Group learning provides them with the resources they need.

Skills gained from employees becoming multilingual are extensive and include

  • improved memory
  • problem solving
  • multitasking
  • creativity
  • increased cognitive ability

Group learning also greatly improves communication and speaking skills: people who don't usually speak much in groups may be encouraged to do so in a relaxed environment. They're able to observe and learn from others who confidently participate, which will positively affect them for both public speaking and phone calls.

Learning a new language also provides an abundance of new opportunities. From travel to promotions to becoming more employable and adding value to a company, all can be enhanced through learning in a group.

Furthermore, employers are given the opportunity to tailor group lessons around their business and can incorporate specific jargon, topics, and cultural themes. Doing so will enhance employees' satisfaction through increasing confidence in their role.

There are many ways to support staff, including company benefits, training, and development opportunities. Offering language learning is another way to do this, especially in groups. When people work in groups, they feel supported both by management for offering such a benefit and also by their colleagues around them.

Collaboration is crucial when it comes to learning and is especially valuable in learning languages. In this process, employees support and learn from each other while answering specific questions, clarifying confusing terminology, and elsewhere. Working together also helps to boost confidence in and outside of the workplace. Staff undertake the same journey in improving their communication skills, and doing this in a group means they can motivate each other and track performance.

Incorporating group language learning in a company's strategy is guaranteed to skyrocket employee satisfaction, leading to retention, loyalty, and success within a business.