"Quick Wins" for L&D Professionals

Cambridgeshire (UK), December 2022 – Digital resources provider Scott Bradbury have launched "Quick Wins" podcasts specifically for human resources (HR) and learning and development (L&D) practitioners. Following the success of their "Sound Advice" podcast series, Scott Bradbury have launched a spin-off podcast to support L&D professionals with issues that are having direct impact on them today.

The first episode in the Quick Wins series features James Fellowes, the co-founder of Bridge of Hope Careers, sharing ideas on how to diversify talent pools to include marginalised or untapped groups. Reflecting on his own personal experience, James shares how "a job is the biggest game changer in life".

James and his team at Bridge of Hope Careers challenge organisations to think of the wider commercial proposition, not just the social and moral imperatives of supporting a more inclusive recruitment process. In the podcast, he explains the positive impact that diversity in recruitment can bring to levels of innovation, staff retention, and the bottom line.

Catherine de Salvo, Managing Director of Scott Bradbury, commented, "Working with James on this podcast reminded me how important it is to look at the recruitment process through the eyes of people who might be applying, who may not be your typical applicant. It's not just about stating you have diversity in recruitment, it's about living and breathing it".